Walking Out My Recovery, in Christ, from Emotional Abuse

Who’s Really the Enemy?

Passing by a particular denominational church recently triggered memories to a moment when I felt deep pain. Not because of the church, but because of how I was treated by my family concerning a boy I once was interested in dating who attended this church denomination. He really was interested in dating me as well, and when […]

Good Girls Aren’t Supposed to H...

“I could not find a book that explained that this phenomenon of feeling unmothered could be a real deal and that here could be mothers who are not maternal. Nor could I find a book that discussed the conflicted feelings that their daughters have about these mothers, the frustrated love, and even sometimes hatred. Because good […]

FMF: Welcome and Abuse

Welcome. Such a simple word…but again, we must look deeper to really understand the complexity of this simplicity. When I think of the word welcome, I think of acceptance. Pure and utter acceptance. Considering welcome means “one whose coming suits another’s will or wish“, it goes hand in hand with acceptance. Yet, when coming from […]

All It Takes Is One

Finding people who are “like” us in this world can almost feel as if we’re looking for a needle in a haystack… …or a million haystacks. It’s heartbreaking the silence that is created from emotional abuse…and in fact, any abuse. For abuse is the misuse of someone and/or something. In the case of abuse of people […]

Margin Can Be Daunting

I’ve heard it time and again the last many years – margin, whitespace, simple spaces (whatever you want to call it) needs to be brought into our lives in order to have a more fulfilling life. A more productive life. Alas, truth in this message runs deep; however, for those who are recovering from abuse, seeking […]

Blessing in the Cleft of the Rock

It’s after midnight – and sleep should be my friend at the moment. Alas, sleep and I have been at odds recently – actually, since mid-October. See, something happened I always knew would happen – but I imagined how it happening much differently than the reality that took place. To some, this may sound absurd and […]

Being Carefully Taught

I was 21…and my world was flipped upside down. My reaction, however, wouldn’t have told anyone how emotionally traumatized I felt because I hid my emotions in the heat of the moment relatively well. I always have, because I was trained to do such. I was trained to keep my feelings stuffed – and if […]

The Heart of Writing

This is a preface. A prelude. A new beginning. Hiatuses don’t need to take months or years, but they do require time. Time to be present in them. This is something I have done recently within this recent hiatus. Just to have declared, “I’m on hiatus!” was freeing. Overwhelming breath filled my lungs back to […]

It’s Time to Be Present in His ...

The other day, my world was flipped upside down. In fact, a week ago today, my world was beginning to flip…but it wasn’t until Friday it completely turned over. Some may read this and roll their eyes wondering “what is wrong with her?” Some, won’t. Either way, the fact is our family cat of 15 years […]

Who’s My Target

In just a couple of short months, I will be hallmarking something I never thought I would say… …that I’ve been publicly writing for 4 years. 4 years! Golly, where has the time gone…and why have I floundered the last year with my writing? It’s frustrating, because deep down…I know this is what I am […]

My Book

My Heart

I have many passions in life. God planted them all there, right inside my heart. However, one is foundational to them all: the passion to see people living the healing life in Christ. It's not an easy journey. It's not a painless one. But it is one that is promised, by our Father in heaven, that it isn't worthless. It's my passion to examine and test the life I live and throw it all up against God's word - and return to Him (always) - as Lamentations 3:40 instructs us to do - and it's going to look messy as this happens. Life is messy, I mess up - a lot. But there is grace - His grace - in all of it. I blog about this journey here. I hope encouragement finds its way to your hearts that messy is okay in your own lives, and Christ's graceful healing is allowed within your hearts.