The Space of Grace

My friend, Matt Ham, posted this yesterday on his Facebook page: “I came to a realization tonight… So many people have had Jesus forced upon them by the very people who are unwilling to be Jesus to them in their lives.” He’s quite right. As a Christian of nearly thirteen years, I’ve been privy to […]

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9/11, Recovery and the National Anthem

Heads up: this is a long post Yesterday morning, just like everyone else in America, I awoke to the reality it was fifteen years since the occurrence of 9/11 when two planes plummeted into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in NYC. I remember that day vividly. In fact, it was the very […]

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On Shame, Grace and Love

Ryan Lochte caught in a lie. Gabby Douglas called out for not being “patriotic enough.” Matt Damon slammed for having hair extensions for a “man bun.” Kurt Metzger is called out for his misogynistic rants on Facebook about rape culture. On and on and on it goes on Twitter and the media, and people are […]

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Life Takes Guts to Live

The story behind this photo is simple. I drug my husband and son out of bed just before the crack of dawn to walk to the pier to capture the sunrise. As tired as we all were, we all stood in awe as we watched the sun slowly creep over the horizon’s edge; all the […]

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