I Must Write Words

This shouldn’t be that hard. I know how to write…but it’s not knowing how to write that’s the issue. It’s why I’m writing that needs to be answered. Why am I writing? Why do I love words so much? The other day, I watched Grace Unplugged – twice. Back to back. Something about this movie stirred […]

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Frustrated Love

“frustrated love…good girls aren’t supposed to hate their mothers, they don’t talk about [these] bad feelings.” -Dr. Karyl McBride, Will I Ever Be Good Enough? When I read these words into the second page of the introduction of Dr. McBride’s book, my heart felt emotions it never had before. A mixture of relief [that I am […]

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On Writing, Blogging…and Brokenness

I’ve been quiet…I know. I get it. And honestly…it’s been agonizingly frustrating for me. Words swirl within me, all wanting to come out at once. I try [once again] to do this drafting thing, and I just…blah! I never have done well at this drafting thing. Does that mean I give up on it? No. […]

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