How To Handle Narcissism

In the beginning of my recovery journey from the abuse I endured – once I was aware of it –  I did not handle it well at all. In fact, I handled it so codependently, I only added fuel to an already very volatile and toxic fire. As to be expected, however, since I was unaware of the abuse I was…

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Narcissists Aren’t Evil

This title, for many, may bring forth a visceral response. Anyone who’s been a victim of an abuser period – of any sort – will viscerally respond to this because their reality is: they’ve been victimized. My friends, your voices are heard, and your feelings are validated. I’m not here to dismiss anything you’ve been through, or what you truly…

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Fear is a Jerk

Since being home from our annual beach vacation, fear has been a huge jerk. It’s been preying upon my days like a flock of vultures circling our home waiting for something to plop dead so they can swoop in for a little dinner. I loathe fear, yet it appears to desire to hang around like it’s my best friend. I…

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