Raised in AZ, I’ve now been living happily in Charlotte, NC with my husband for the last 19 plus years. I also am a mama to one amazing boy whom I homeschool.

In 2013, I finally earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Religion from Liberty University (after 17 years of struggling to finish a degree at all). I’ve been engaged in recovery (through Celebrate Recovery) since early 2009 when I endured severe postpartum depression. Years later, though, I discovered that I was struggling as I was due to the emotional and mental abuse (narcissism) through my family of origin – which birthed struggles with codependency and anxiety.

Recovery has taught me many things, but above all, it’s taught me this: my life is not about me. This is why I write and share what I do. My desire is to help others understand this one thing: they aren’t ever alone in their life’s struggles. In turn, I seek to encourage others to live bravely in their lives (particularly the families they’re raising now) amidst the fears and pains felt, and live boldly while connecting with God, themselves, their immediate families, extended family (as can be healthily done) and others.