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How to Say Goodbye

Since my childhood, I’ve learned death has many faces – some of which, we never see again even prior to the passing of this earthly life. Struggling for years to learn how to grieve healthily, due to a lack of healthy conditioning to help me grieve, I turned to unhealthy copings. Drinking, smoking, and promiscuity (always under the influence of alcohol) in…

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God’s Remedy For Anxiety

In our nation alone, it’s become recognized that a good majority of people live in a state of anxiety. In turn, depression is being seen more and more as a form of anxiety. With just over 325 million people in our nation, and growing, around 1/4 (about 72.3 million) of our population struggles with some form of anxiety (including depression). This number,…

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What does Reformed really mean?

If you are like where I used to be, and immediately think upon hearing the word, reformed, “Oh, mercy,” this post is for you. To me, reformed equated to a mess load of law-based rules that left little to no room for anything individualistic. It equated to a mess load of tradition and ritual which left me empty and wanting.…

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