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All is All, All Means

Last night, I did something I vowed to myself I’d never do again: meet with a group of women outside a Celebrate Recovery environment. • Why did I make such a *vow* to myself? • Because for so long, it’s been difficult for me to trust myself with other women – particularly outside of the safer environment that CR provides.…

The Difference Between Solitude & Isolation

Alone. Solitude. These words have a resounding effect upon many who hear them. “Why is she such a recluse?” “Why doesn’t he like people?” “They’re such a hermit.” The grievous mistake many engage in questioning, and even mocking, other’s need to be alone at times is constant. These people assume that these people are intentionally drawing away from them and others because they have some, perhaps, disdain…

Election Blackout

I posted this on my Facebook page in a Note. I am editing it some for content, as some things came to light today after attending church. ————       It comes down to this: this election season, sprinkled with all the issues our nation and world has endured this year that has had the media in a whirlwind…

Why Don’t You Know Jon Acuff?

I’m changing a few things up around here. This whole new brave vibe going on in my life has me venturing out to do new and bold things. Lately, I’m resonating with the opening of Star Trek: The Next Generation where Captain JeanLuc Picard states in his regal voice. Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.…

Redeemed to Speak

I was introduced to a poem the other day I had never heard in totality before, and when I did, something stirred within me. Something so profound, so raw, so unabashedly authentic, it hasn’t let my heart go. Something that rekindled the passion within me to never go silent, because in my silence…another life remains in bondage. No, it’s not…

Book Launch: Undivided Mom by Kayse Pratt

What does an “undivided mom” look like?

  • Always available?
  • Never yelling?
  • Never feeling like at times I just want to escape?

Oh mercy, I guess the cat is finally out of the bag.

Yes, I admit: at times feel like distancing myself from being mama; and it entails escaping and not returning for a while. Thankfully, I’ve learned why this is through reading a recently released eBook devotional by Kayse Pratt:

When I feel like this, I’m utterly and terribly divided.

Missions Supporting Missions: Girls on the Run

Growing up, I was impressed by a mother to have a strong self-esteem and confidence about myself…but how I was impressed to do this was through being very assertive and pushy on other people. This impression upon my life led to a life imprisoned within myself, because it was all focused on me. Since my salvation nearly 10 years ago, and…