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On Discipline

I’m learning this week that to correctly administer discipline to our children, we mustn’t demand obedience…nor respect. We mustn’t demand anything of our children – demands only breed rebellion. No, disciplining is not bred through demanding…it’s bred through serving our children in love.

That love…is Christ.

3 Releases from Narcissistic Upbringings (and an invitation)

Awakening to the bright morning sun peeking through eyelets in the corners of bedroom curtains…it becomes tougher.

Desiring relationships with people God hasn’t yet placed in your midst…becomes a focal point.

Living life with your family, enjoying every breath with them…becomes a struggle.

These have been my days lately, friends. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve needed to experience this moment. I’ve needed to savor the agony. I’ve needed to be in a place where I feel utterly alone and void.

As crazy as that may sound, the healing process from a life encased in the thick layers of painted narcissism on a life that breaks free from the bondage once and for all, leaves one confused with extreme emotional swings.

One end of the spectrum: complete joy and freedom.

The other: complete fear, unknowing what steps to take next.

The contrast of these dynamics is utterly exhausting…and the only way to truly live out the healing process, so one becomes whole, is to be in the hardest space anyone of any abuse situation can be in:

Week of Wisdom w/ LazyChristian

Today, you’ll find me guest posting [once again] over at Rachel Snyder’s blog, found at, where I am imparting some wisdom to you all based off my experiences with Paganism. Thank you, for once again, having me over at your place, Rachel. It’s always an honor of mine to work with you! With that…here is a snippet of my…

What is Leadership?

I may be biased here considering I’m married to author of this post today, but the man you’re about to hear from today is pretty awesome. Jack has gone through a great deal in his life – and his career path has all but been a good reflection of it. Being Army Airborne, to a Medic, to now being a Manager at an insurance call center – he has been through a lot to get to where he is at. I’ve seen him overcome a couple major fears in his life, and I’ve seen him fail greatly at many things he’s attempted – only to see him turn those failures into great successes. I sincerely hope his story and heart touch you all in a way today that does indeed bless your own lives, and encourage you to look at failure a bit differently than the mainstream. For as with any great leader, no success can be successful without failure preceding it.


Written by: Jack Arnold, Husband, Father, "Jack-Of-All-Trades"

Written by: Jack Arnold, Husband, Father, "Jack-Of-All-Trades"

My story is one of arrogance and a lack of empathy.

I was so arrogant, that the term of endearment most referred to me as was “the arrogant ***hole.” People had no qualms about sharing this loving endearment to my face, nor did it phase me that this was their nickname for me. Why, you may ask? Well let me tell you a little about me at that point of my life.

What is Freedom?

Eileen Knowles is a wife, mother, blogger…and mutual U of A Wildcat fan. We connected through our blogs and Twitter many months ago, and came to discover that we come from around about the same area – she at least attended the college I always rooted for as a kid…and far into adult years (considering I am from Tucson). It’s amazing how God connects hearts to one another, and I’m absolutely blessed by the connection I have with Eileen. It’s an honor to have her share her heart with you all today as she explores what freedom is. I sincerely hope your hearts are touched and blessed by her words today.


Written by: Eileen Knowles, wife, mom & blogger

Written by: Eileen Knowles, wife, mom & blogger

When I think of freedom I often think of the difference between worldly freedom, and the freedom found in Christ. Worldly freedom makes me think of the Frank Sinatra song, “My Way.”

I did it myyyyy way.” (That’s me singing.)

– The world admires and even commends this perspective.

– The world tells us the definition of freedom is, “if it feels good do it.”

– The world tells us to pursue whatever makes us happy.

When I was eighteen, my mom past away after a five year battle with breast cancer.

What is a Gift?

I did a giveaway of his book, “My Emily” this summer, and I’m just so absolutely honored to have Matt Patterson share his heart with you today. Matt is a husband, father, author, editor & communications specialist that I connected with Twitter earlier this year; and my life has been abundantly blessed since. His heart is as wide as any ocean for anyone and everyone. His story is one of tragedy, triumph, courage, love and compassion – and to have him share with you all about what a gift is, I couldn’t have hand-picked a better person to explore this very topic. I sincerely hope you’re all as blessed with his heart and words today.


Written by Matt Patterson

Written by Matt Patterson, husband, father, author, editor, communications specialist

If you ask 100 people to give their definition of a gift, it’s quite possible you would receive 100 different answers.

Replies could range from items related to holidays, our talents, families, as well as important or life-changing events. Personally, the greatest gifts I have received in this life have come from some of my greatest tests, trials and experiences.

What is Wholeness?

Today, you get a chance to hear from a heart I’ve come to truly appreciate. A genuinely transparent heart that doesn’t hold back the abounding grace that God pours out into life, if it’s opened to do so. Richard Cassidy lives out this kind of grace. His life is a living testimony of the broken life restored to wholeness, and I’m beyond honored to have him share with you all what wholeness looks like. He has survived cancer, and also suicide, and he is a poet, and posts his poetry on his blog. I hope you’re all abundantly blessed by his words, and his heart.


Written by, Richard Cassidy

Written by, Richard Cassidy

I’ve been broken, by others and myself. I’ve also been the breaker and destroyer of hearts and dreams.

It wasn’t until God through Christ opened my heart to HIS radical, unrelenting LOVE that the healing process began. It wasn’t until God, Godself, whispered, “I love you” that I started to grasp “love”, and seeds of wholeness were planted. It wasn’t until God gave me my identity In Christ that I had discovered my purpose of creation

What is Love?

Wow, what a blessing it is today to have Mary R. Snyder – blogger, author, speaker, and a joyous new grandmother to a beautiful baby boy – come and share her heart with you all. The moment I was able to hug this gem of a heart at the SheSpeaks conference this year, when I visited, I knew I was embracing a truly genuine person into my life. I’m truly honored to have her share her perspective of what love is today, with you all; and my hope and prayer is that her words speak deeply into your hearts so you’re all as abundantly blessed by them as I was.


Mary R. Snyder, Blogger, Author, Speaker

Written by: Mary R. Snyder, Blogger, Author, Speaker

When I was asked to write about love I thought it would be simple. It’s love. What’s difficult about that, right?

My mind immediately went to the love chapter – 1 Corinthians 13. You know the one – love is patient, love is kind, love is….

A beautiful picture of love and one that I strive to live out with all those the Lord has placed in my heart.

But as I pondered the question ‘what is love?’, I kept going to the words from Jesus in John 14:

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” John 14:15

If I love Jesus I will keep His commandments.

What is Authenticity?

Today, you get to hear from a dear blogger-friend of mine, Paula Ebert. She is a wife, mother, writer, and former guest poster here on Relevant Brokenness. I met Paula in a random blog search a few years ago, when I was blogging just to blog. When I had no focus, when I didn’t even know my own voice. I’m so grateful God connected this lady and myself, for she has a beautiful story of grace to tell – and today, she shares a snippet of the wisdom & truth I’ve come to always expect from Paula as she explores what authenticity looks like. I sincerely hope her words, her heart, touch your very hearts as well in a wonderful way.


Paula Ebert, Wife, Mother & Writer

Written by: Paula Ebert, Wife, Mother & Writer

Authenticity. A word that stirs in me a passion for this generation.

As I’m writing this, our country is remembering that painful day 10 years ago in New York: September 11, 2011. The day the towers came down. On that day and in the days that followed, people of this country showed authenticity. They showed their true selves. They genuinely loved. They didn’t care what others thought. No bravado. Just love.

As Americans, we tend to get so caught up in having the best and being the best. Why? To impress those around us. We seek to create and maintain some image that we want to emulate. It happens inside the church walls as much as it happens on the outside.

What is Transparency?

I absolutely love Tindell Baldwin’s heart. She is an author & speaker with a platform that’s focused on encouraging teenage girls hearts to follow Christ, and who has her first book in the process of being published. Coming from a place of authenticity and transparency, I couldn’t have hand-picked a better person to post on this very topic today. I was absolutely blessed to be connected with her by Ashley Smith a handful of months ago through Twitter – and I am continually blessed by connection with her. What an honor it is to have her back after her initial guest post here on Relevant Brokenness.


Written by Tindell Baldwin, Author & Speaker

Written by: Tindell Baldwin, Author & Speaker

In the first pages Jacyee Dugard’s, A Stolen Life, she explains what I have been trying to understand for so long about our world and transparency. In her introduction she says, “we live in a world where we rarely speak out and when someone does, often nobody wants to listen.”

Now you might be asking what this has to do with transparency, but I think it does if we exchange a few words. What I would say about this world is that we live in a world where we rarely speak the truth; and when someone does, often people don’t want to listen.