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On Discipline

I’m learning this week that to correctly administer discipline to our children, we mustn’t demand obedience…nor respect. We mustn’t demand anything of our children – demands only breed rebellion. No, disciplining is not bred through demanding…it’s bred through serving our children in love.

That love…is Christ.

Hitting Brick Walls

Brick Wall by Lori Jackson

Brick Wall by Lori Jackson

Usually walls are seen in our society, on the basis of relationships, as bad – and typically they are, because they serve to provide barriers that don’t need to be there in our connection with others, and above all God. However, brick walls aren’t the banes this world has created them to be. They actually serve a purpose, and not always to keep us from something.

As Christians, we have to allow our thinking to transform into the likeness of Christ as we grow in Him. We need to let ourselves see the things of this world differently – just as Christ does; even brick walls.

So what purpose does a brick wall serve outside of just keeping things in or out?

What Matters Most?

This summer so far has been one of disappointment for me. Okay, this is not really the best way to start of a post, but alas…I am speaking truth here.

I’m disappointed, because I thought I’d be farther along in my book.

I thought I’d be more managed with my time since I’m not in school.

I thought I’d have my blog revamped by now.

I thought I’d be farther along in my life…period.

What I’ve done here to myself is honestly set myself up for disappointment due to setting unhealthy, heavy expectations upon myself. The results of this process of seeking to live out these expectations has been a whole lot of frustration and very little progress.

As I was seeking to write a post today, which was going to be on a totally different topic, I ventured out onto YouTube and found myself typing out the name of one of the few people in this life whom I’ve not yet had the chance of meeting face to face, but he’s had such a major impact on my life…Jon Acuff.

Success Starts With Failure

"Hope" by Lori Jackson

"Hope" by Lori Jackson

To every new beginning, there must come an end to something.

This is a life truth that honestly we as humans are constantly seeking to avoid…for our natures generally aren’t akin to change. We don’t like it, especially if it causes pain.

Now if it causes us some kind of success, or happy emotions, then we typically are okay with it…but if there is any pain involved, please life…please God…pardon us from it.

The kink in this thinking is this…true change is going to cause some hurt. It will abrase us, because when our flesh meets up with God…God is going to rub on our flesh so He can get down to the nitty gritty with us. He seeks to expose our weaknesses and insecurities through change so we can see exactly who He is, and just why we need Him at all times in our lives…even when the good gets going in our lives.

The line made in “Facing the Giants” comes to mind when I think about this:

Mommy to Healing Moments

Sitting in my office working along, while my son is beside me reading, I get lost in what I’m doing and though my son is in my periphery…he fades into the background noise of what I hear going on outside my window. To me, this is a quiet space despite the noise going on…but what catches my attention isn’t a backfire of a car, or even a plane passing overhead. No, what captures my attention is the quietly spoken, “uh-oh” that emanated from the corner of the office near the closet.

I peer over to see what the “uh-oh” is about, and a mommy moment begins to swell in me as quickly as a reaction happens when I get bitten by a mosquito.

My son’s hands are covered in paint that he had somehow discovered in the depths of the office.

Now, I had a choice in this moment to either respond gracefully and calmly simply knowing what tools to utilize to somehow get up ceramic paints…or so react and freak out.

What did I choose?

What’s Leftover

What's Leftover by Lori Jackson

What's Leftover by Lori Jackson

Just when you think you have something right, God swoops in and messes up your area. He doesn’t intentionally create the circumstances that make our lives messes, He just simply let’s whatever comes our way mess us up enough that we have no where else to turn but His Son.

The way He operates like this either has you raising your hands in praise, or raising your fists in anger, to God – and lately, in my own way, I’ve been shaking my fists at Him.

Turing the TV on…and claiming it’s the escape necessary from the everyday grind.

Embracing my phone more than my family at times…and claiming it’s so I don’t lose connection with people.

Going out for a cup of coffee almost every night of the week – and claiming it’s a break for me.

Starting my day writing or doing homework…claiming I do better when I let my writing come out first thing in the morning, than spend time with God (which I’ve been doing later in the day).

The truth is, none of these things are what they seem.

Different is Good

The healing of these words didn’t begin to take place until this past year, and since the defining moments happened…it’s been an uphill climb. At times, I have fallen…but isn’t that the point of growing? Changing? Don’t we learn how to get back up from falling on our rear ends?

I’ve fallen as a baby learning to walk…but I got back up and kept at it (just like everyone else).

I’ve been badly bucked from a horse…but I got back up, and on the horse, to get it back to the stable.

I’ve been knocked out by countless girls and women in my life since childhood…but I kept seeking to engage in relationships with other girls and women.

Throughout this whole process of getting back up, and going at it again, there was a defeatist deep within me that I let get the best of me. The “normal monster” crept up constantly within me, screaming out in my head that different is bad.

Then last summer hit…July 4th to be exact…and my world was rocked to my core. Forsaken by my own parents for standing up for Christ in my life, I had to finally see myself as different.

I never thought my mother’s teachings of “stop trying to conform, Marni” would bring me to a moment with my mother to relay to her just how different I am from her and Dad…despite my upbringing by them. Evidently, God did.

It had to take a moment of rocking me so hard deep down, thinking I lost everything due to losing a relationship with my flesh and blood parents, for God to grab my attention and have me turn my eyes and heart toward Him and recognize the truth:

Description Vs. Definition

describeyouThroughout our lives, we are in a constant battle to see ourselves one way or another – and usually we opt to see ourselves in a light that we see as positive. However, what if you saw yourself in a way that was negative?

This thought came to mind this morning as I opened up my Facebook to see a friend post the image you see to the left here.

I played this “game” and saw the four words that “describe” me:

Living Out Healing

“You can’t help others heal unless you’re healed first.”Ronnie Doss

These words were spoken in a sermon I heard yesterday morning at church. I’m thankful I did, too. For they were firm reminders that while I am in the midst of living out healed areas of my life – my life is far from fully healed.

I had doubted this because I have been hitting moments in my life in the past few weeks that just really made me doubt that I had been healed at all. I have been falling down in the areas I thought I had conquered, but God reminded me yesterday morning that healing is a life long process.

He reminded me that we never fully arrive in this life; only when we are with Him do we arrive.