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The Return to Childhood: I’m Here


An emotion that holds within it the capacity to devour the soul in tiny bites…or in one giant gulp.

A formidable foe that sneaks in and seeks to inform us all, “You’re all on your own here. No one notices you. No one knows what you’re going through.”

In short, loneliness is a liar.

The Return to Childhood: The Dot


How does this word make you feel when you hear or read it?


…or nervous?

In today’s world, action is fairly easy to proclaim someone else do; but when it comes to us, the word becomes a daunting notion.

The point of action, however, isn’t something to get feel anything about. It’s about creativity originating from the simplest – and often times, messiest – of beginnings; and from it, encouraging and igniting us to help others start taking action themselves.

Action cries out to humanity to set aside the desire to be perfect in our own effort, and just start somewhere.

A Return to Childhood: So Few of Me

“I’m amazing at multitasking!”

Have you said these words yourself? How did they make you feel?


…or overburdened?

Have you heard someone else say it, and you struggle with multitasking yourself? How did it make you feel?


…or relieved?

One of my favorite movies to watch with my husband is Multiplicity. You remember it, right? The one with Michael Keaton in it, and his character finds a way to duplicate himself into different parts of himself so he can “idealistically” become more efficient in his life. However, he winds up finding out just how ridiculous this idea was to begin with because his world begins to crumble far worse than it had before?

As attractive of a notion it is to seek out ways to duplicate ourselves, the reality is, we were never created to multitask so as to divide into multiple people.

A Return to Childhood: The North Star

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Today, I am launching a series that is kicking off one of the new sub-focuses of this blog: A Return to Childhood. This launch has been inspired by my development as a mama to a very vivaciously energetic and extroverted little boy who is my sunshine, but alas, stretches me to re-enter childhood where it was once stolen from me. As challenging as this endeavor has been for me, it has been cathartic – and I’m launching this sub-focus by utilizing childhood books I’m discovering as my son and I visit the library, as well as other childhood books I’m revisiting (since my own childhood) with him. The discovery of God’s healing grace in this exercise is amazing, and I’m looking forward to seeing how God encourages you to enter back into the child-like way that so easily can be lost in the adult realm of life.

This series is utilizing Peter H. Reynolds’s books that I was turned onto by one of my favorite bloggers, authors and speakers: Jon Acuff. I pray you find encouragement and grow in His healing in your lives.



On Discipline

I’m learning this week that to correctly administer discipline to our children, we mustn’t demand obedience…nor respect. We mustn’t demand anything of our children – demands only breed rebellion. No, disciplining is not bred through demanding…it’s bred through serving our children in love.

That love…is Christ.

I Believe…Jesus is the Son of God

A few of months ago, we finally partnered with our church after being there a year, celebrated with them thier 10 year anniversary. Our leaders and staff were amazing in what they were able to work out to set up the line up of teaching and worship (as well as a bit of entertainment) the whole weekend long – and they were able to land an excellent man to help lead us in some great worship time: American Idol Finalist, Danny Gokey.

Now, honestly, I had never heard of him – nor had my husband – until this weekend happened. We don’t follow prime time TV at all, not even American Idol. However, we can see why he made it on there – he is quite amazing with his gift. Being a country music fan myself, I immediately found myself enjoying his music immensely, and even though my husband isn’t a country fan, he still enjoyed it as well. So we purchased his CD’s…and upon doing so, I heard this song for this first time, and automatically connected with it:

I Believe…The Bible is God’s Word

HiswordisaliveI became a mama a short handful of years ago, and in the beginning stages when our son was a baby, I knew my husband and I would have to somehow encourage good communication into our son.

How we found a way to do this early on was by making simple posters from art paper from IKEA and some Crayola markers, putting the ABC’s on them, and numbers 1-10 to start with when our son wasn’t yet a year old. From that time on, when he was able to start pulling himself up and around the house, we found him going to the posters many times everyday pointing to the letters grunting to us as to what the sounds of these images meant to him.

In helping him not only know the letters, but understand how they sounded (phonetics), within no time it seemed – he was communicating. Yet, here I was freaking out at times that he was delayed in this area, because he didn’t really talk much…but before I knew it, talking away is what he did.

Since this time, and now nearing his five year old birthday soon, our son has been reading

I Believe…In One God

There’s always, in this life, opportunity for us to question life, our hearts, choices, even God Himself. This may seem unfortunate on the surface, and even underneath the surface as well, but the reality and truth is: this is a blessing. For truly, belief comes from a choice…one we make.

Not one that someone else makes for us…but it is one we make.

Not one that is coerced or forced upon us…but it is one we make.

Not one that is created due to fear of rejection…but it is one we make.

True choices we make in life withstand the test of time, people, and circumstances that say our choices are wrong.

This comes through loud and clear in the story “The Polar Express”

What is Leadership?

I may be biased here considering I’m married to author of this post today, but the man you’re about to hear from today is pretty awesome. Jack has gone through a great deal in his life – and his career path has all but been a good reflection of it. Being Army Airborne, to a Medic, to now being a Manager at an insurance call center – he has been through a lot to get to where he is at. I’ve seen him overcome a couple major fears in his life, and I’ve seen him fail greatly at many things he’s attempted – only to see him turn those failures into great successes. I sincerely hope his story and heart touch you all in a way today that does indeed bless your own lives, and encourage you to look at failure a bit differently than the mainstream. For as with any great leader, no success can be successful without failure preceding it.


Written by: Jack Arnold, Husband, Father, "Jack-Of-All-Trades"

Written by: Jack Arnold, Husband, Father, "Jack-Of-All-Trades"

My story is one of arrogance and a lack of empathy.

I was so arrogant, that the term of endearment most referred to me as was “the arrogant ***hole.” People had no qualms about sharing this loving endearment to my face, nor did it phase me that this was their nickname for me. Why, you may ask? Well let me tell you a little about me at that point of my life.

What are Boundaries?

Jack & Marni Arnold, an unlikely couple made likely by the grace of God

Jack & Marni Arnold, an unlikely couple made likely by the grace of God

Looking back on my life 12 years ago, I see myself [now] as a wound up kid who just wanted to get life – and God – her way. Even though I was married at this time, it didn’t mean I was mature to understand the true dynamics of marriage – the way God intended it; and I certainly didn’t start understanding it until our 10 year vow renewal a couple of years ago.

In this ceremony, we utilized a covering used in the traditional in Jewish weddings – the Chuppah (khoo-pah).

Upon exploration of the meaning of the Chuppah, it’s actually discovered that it’s not there to make the wedding look all pretty – it actually serves a Biblically-rooted purpose.