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What Narcissism Does To Daughters

“Without understanding our mothers and what their narcissism did to us, it is impossible to recover. We have been taught to repress and deny, but we have to face the truth of our experiences…” – Dr. Karyl McBride, “Will I Ever Be Good Enough?” Once again, in reading these words within just the first two pages of Dr. McBride’s book, freedom…

Depression, Anxiety and Robin Williams

The past 24 hours has been a flurry of emotions for me running from one end of the spectrum to the other. For the most part, I’ve maintained a fairly decent balance with them all…but alas, it’s not an easy task by any means. I am normally not a bandwagon blogger, but in light of recent events concerning the death…

Exposing the “Me” Monster

The tears, again, came…finally…painfully. Realizing that my flesh and life weren’t only emotionally abused as a child, but also physically (not sexually, but physically), recently – brought deep tears of catharsis that I didn’t want to come; but they had to shed…or poisoned [like I always was as a child and younger adult] I would’ve become. To hold back tears……

On Discipline

I’m learning this week that to correctly administer discipline to our children, we mustn’t demand obedience…nor respect. We mustn’t demand anything of our children – demands only breed rebellion. No, disciplining is not bred through demanding…it’s bred through serving our children in love.

That love…is Christ.

Stop Trying to Do it All Yourself

Who likes weeding? I know…kind of a crazy question to kick off a post, right? Especially on a blog like this. I mean I don’t blog anything about gardening, so why would I ask such a crazy question? Because according to Matthew 13 in the parable of the weeds, we are given implicit instruction on how to handle weeds.

Photo by Marni Arnold


3 Releases from Narcissistic Upbringings (and an invitation)

Awakening to the bright morning sun peeking through eyelets in the corners of bedroom curtains…it becomes tougher.

Desiring relationships with people God hasn’t yet placed in your midst…becomes a focal point.

Living life with your family, enjoying every breath with them…becomes a struggle.

These have been my days lately, friends. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve needed to experience this moment. I’ve needed to savor the agony. I’ve needed to be in a place where I feel utterly alone and void.

As crazy as that may sound, the healing process from a life encased in the thick layers of painted narcissism on a life that breaks free from the bondage once and for all, leaves one confused with extreme emotional swings.

One end of the spectrum: complete joy and freedom.

The other: complete fear, unknowing what steps to take next.

The contrast of these dynamics is utterly exhausting…and the only way to truly live out the healing process, so one becomes whole, is to be in the hardest space anyone of any abuse situation can be in: