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I’m a Girl

I’m a girl. What a revelation, right? haha I mean, who knew? Right? No, really…the light sarcasm at myself aside…the reality is, I’m really just [emotionally] learning this about myself. I’ve struggled most of my life to allow myself to be a girl, because from the time I could barely recognize my own reflection in the mirror – it was tainted. I…

Redeemed to Speak

I was introduced to a poem the other day I had never heard in totality before, and when I did, something stirred within me. Something so profound, so raw, so unabashedly authentic, it hasn’t let my heart go. Something that rekindled the passion within me to never go silent, because in my silence…another life remains in bondage. No, it’s not…

Beginning Somewhere

Who knew…a writer would be at a loss for words. haha Sounds almost impossible, particularly from writers who are introverted. The reality is, I’m never truly at a loss for words…but I come to points where the words are too numerous to draw into one coherent idea. At the moment, I literally have about 50 topics in my head all…

Struggling to be Mama

Who’s a mama out there who struggles to celebrate her own mother? Any hands? I bet there are, but many won’t show out of fear their own mother may retaliate in a hurtful manner. I know your struggle, dear sister. I live it constantly. I live with the feeling of constant fear that when these words scribe out to the…

I Am

It doesn’t matter what age a woman is… …often times, she looks in the mirror and asks, “who are you?” Unfortunately, answers flood her mind – usually addressing her as a “what” rather than her “who.” While I am not fond of selfies, I took this photo of myself today: Why? Because, I saw someone…instead of the usual something. I am…

It’s Time to Just Be Mama

I looked into the kitchen where my husband cooked dinner for our family… I looked into the playroom where my son was watching Curious George 2 for the 5th time that day… I captured the photo…and I remembered something: I’m a mama! I know, it ain’t rocket science…I mean, my husband and I love one another, and 9 years into…

On Discipline

I’m learning this week that to correctly administer discipline to our children, we mustn’t demand obedience…nor respect. We mustn’t demand anything of our children – demands only breed rebellion. No, disciplining is not bred through demanding…it’s bred through serving our children in love.

That love…is Christ.

Book Review: Bloom Where You’re Planted by Anne Milam


“Bloom Where You’re Planted: Stories of Women in Church Planting” by Anne Milam

Laughter, tears of sadness, tears of joy, gasps of astonishment, gasps of horror. All these highlight the human life, and ever more so the human life lived out in ministry.

In Blooming Where You’re Planted: Stories of Women in Church Planting, Anne Milam [a church planting wife herself] brings to life the beauty of the ministry life amidst the ugly messes that come with it through not only her stories of struggle/victory, but through involving a handful of carefully selected, bold women who are also church planters with their husbands.

The focus of the book is centered on the theme we find in the book of Esther: