Change Begins With Open Hands

charlotteonfire09212016Part of the racial battle has erupted in my city. My backyard.

No, Charlotte, NC isn’t a stranger to this generational issue. Go back as far as the Revolutionary War and Civil War times, and we know the history this area has had with racism.

But last night, the sleeping dragon finally reawakened; and it went crazy.

The image above, captured last night by CLTStories on Instagram, revealed one thing to me this morning: hurting people are hurting people.

Friends, we’ve all been seeing shooting after shooting in the last handful of months, and the racial lines that have resurfaced. Only this time, it’s not racially based; it’s merely civilian lives against police lives.

The deep aches of those who feel victimized in all of this need to be addressed.

* The pain needs to be recognized.

* Feelings need to be recognized.

* Feelings need to be felt and discouraged to become an identity.

* Silence is no longer the answer, it never was.

Silence is the very thing that fuels eruptions like this, and now is the time to change. In fact, the change needed to happen long ago, but this is the wake-up call y’all!

Only how the change happens is individual.

It will be through each and every one of us – through taking personal responsibility for every silent moment we’ve engaged in and/or enabled while others suffer – and taking a stand, getting out there, holding hands (not making fists) will allow the healing to begin.

No more!

It needs to end now!

Edmund Burke said it clearly,

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

It’s time to make the change happen, otherwise, more precious lives that merit the opportunities to heal, will be lost.


Let’s open our hands (all colors) not make solidarity hands (which are fists).

Here’s a little eye-opener concerning that word, solidarity: it doesn’t mean to further divide, but to come together! Not just as one group of people, but all people for a particular cause.

The root of the word, I just learned through looking it up, is from the French language and means, “communion of interests and responsibilities, mutual responsibility; interdependent, complete, entire.” 

This doesn’t mean to further divide based on our perceptions or feelings, but to come together (to unite) as human beings, not the color of our skin or beyond.

Only open hands can clasp another as a brother or sister – another human being – no matter their skin color, creed, religion, etc.

It’s time – beyond time – to be brave and bring forth the change. For change to happen, it starts with every single one of us bravely stepping out beyond our comfort zones.

It doesn’t start when someone else goes first, it starts when we all take up our own responsibilities in this mess and start making the amends needing to be made – even though we weren’t the ones to have started the fires.