Election Blackout

I posted this on my Facebook page in a Note. I am editing it some for content, as some things came to light today after attending church.
      It comes down to this: this election season, sprinkled with all the issues our nation and world has endured this year that has had the media in a whirlwind frenzy, has affected me deeply. So much so, I’ve been experiencing a bouncing back and forth between depression and anxiety, and at times it feels like it’s simultaneous.
It’s an environment I can’t control, and all I can control is what is directly in my midst. I can control my personal choices, actions, and attitude, but no one else’s – nor any other circumstances.
     I cast my vote last week with my husband, after laboriously standing for two hours in line to do so. We exercised our civil duty and reluctantly voted. I state reluctantly because neither of the choices this year have been palatable…needless to say, in any form digestible for our minds and souls. I will not reveal whom I voted for because of my focus when it comes to my online presence is to focus on the hope that is available to our lives – everyday of our lives. My form of communication is one seeking to instill the encouragement to live in hope bravely, even when it looks ridiculous (or even if it offends) to anyone else. This is my drive concerning my connection with you all here.
     Unfortunately, with the climate of the next handful of days becoming more and more saturated with tense emotions, I can palpably sense this tension.  In turn, this tension is affecting me to where my communication will probably be thwarted if I don’t just step back for a handful of days, laying low on the media watching and social media interaction.
So, as this election draws to an end, and come Wednesday AM, we will all (in America) have a new President of the United States of America – who ever it is to be…I’m going to bow out for most of this coming week.
    I started my social media hiatus last night, and when you see this posted on my social media sites tonight, it’ll be simply for the fact I am making a post and sharing it. This will be it for the next handful of days.
     This morning, this decision was unequivocally confirmed through The Holy Spirit while sitting in my Sunday School class. We were discussing Ephesians 1, and through our discussion, a visual aid was given by four people from our class showing the differences between two different kinds of communication that occurs within marriages.
One was a highly distractable conversation where the husband was just gathering information from his wife; whereas the other was a highly intentional conversation where the husband was intentionally connecting with his wife to see exactly what she needed, and sought to examine ways in which to find out how to meet her needs.
     Undeniably, everyone saw the metaphorical example used here on how it works with our relationship with God. It spoke volumes to me about how our culture is in America – particularly right now in this divisive political climate.
     So many are out there seeking to just gather information over and over and over again, just to have the information. Where’s the connection? Where’s the intentionality to sit down, slow down, and take the time to get to the heart of the matter with other people – anyone – we know and meet?
     Unfortunately, this art of connection is quickening its erosion as we speak with the election right around the corner from our very doorsteps.
     It’s ever more the very thing we need to engage in as a society here in America, friends. What we’re missing is [as a whole] is a connection with God, yes, I believe this. But I also firmly believe we’re missing the connection with one another.
     The best thing an enemy can ever do to anyone is to isolate them through dividing them; and friends, that’s exactly what’s happening right in our very midsts right now.
     It aches me deeply, and my mind is consumed with anxious thoughts that I need to pursue God in prayer over to help ease my burdened mind and ailing spirit. No amount of me reading any social media or media will help soothe my mind nor my spirit, only God can. And in turn, I will seek to connect with everyone whom I can who is in my midst right now – and who comes into it in the coming days.
     I won’t be reading any articles, engaging in any sharing of any information, nor will I be online scrolling to discover where the polls are. I won’t even be watching the polls as they come in on Tuesday. Instead, I will be engaged in living my life and praying – a lot.
For my hope is only in Jesus.
      God knows who is the next President, and He knows the outcome of this whole debacle. I’m going to spend the next handful of days merely letting myself immerse deeply into my relationship with Jesus in prayer, and living my life.
I’m not sharing this to suggest I’m better than anyone else. I’m sharing this to share with you that this is where I stand on all of this: Jesus.
      Once I am at peace with re-engaging online, I will do so. The only way I know I can be healthy through any of this – spiritually, mentally and emotionally above all – is to set these boundaries and live by them.
      In turn, I encourage anyone else who struggles with depression and/or anxiety, to take a hiatus the next handful of days from online media and social media engagement.
[As you vote, and after you vote] Engage in life.
      And if you know Jesus, start there in prayer.
     And if you don’t know Jesus, I implore you to talk with someone about Him this week and open a bible.
      If you don’t have one, hop on YouVersion (through a browser or an app on any smartphone OS) and start reading in the NiRV translation. Learn what God has to say about all of this, and talk with someone about it. Go to a church and ask to speak with a Pastor, Reverend, Priest or minister and get your questions answered. Any good spiritual leader in a church will give you the time of day and will be willing to sit with you to answer your questions without judging you. Yes, these people do exist. Don’t shy because of what anyone, or any media resources, tells you. Seek this information for you.
     With that, my friends, I’ll see you all later this week – or perhaps next weekend.
God bless.