A Bit About The Former Wanderer

Raised in AZ, I’ve now been living happily in Charlotte, NC with my husband for the last 20 plus years. I also am a mama to one amazing boy whom I homeschool.

I enjoy the outdoors. I enjoy hiking, biking, and camping, and spending time with my immediate family and the friends whom God has used to form my covenant family. I also enjoy the written word, knitting, crocheting, and taking photos of the outdoors. I also enjoy baking, especially in the fall. One of my favorite things to do with baking is taking a recipe that is high in sugar, and finding a way to make them low-glycemic. I also enjoy watching movies with my husband and have an affinity for superhero figures (my favorites are The Flash and Arrow).

Now, all these things I never knew I really enjoyed up until the last handful of years. It’s taken me a long time to come to a point where I know what I enjoy, and what I don’t enjoy that much. In turn, it’s also taken me a long time to come to a point where I know where my values are rooted. My journey to find these enjoyments and values started back in late 2003 when I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Now, that wouldn’t be such a big deal to some had I been raised in a Christian home, but the reality is I wasn’t. I was raised in a Reformed Jewish home, and fell by the wayside by the time I was sixteen. I was wandering around looking for Go and thought I happened upon an answer to find Him by the time I was twenty through Pagan religions (starting in Wicca). How mistaken I was, and how even more mistaken I was when I accepted Christ at twenty-six years of age in 2003 – carrying with me a still very-individualistic, feminist, and twisted mindset about God.

It’s been through the process that the ministry of Celebrate Recovery, and many years of counseling once I realized I had endured emotional, mental and spiritual abuse through my family of origin throughout my youth and young adulthood (up until I was thirty-five), that I’ve come to a place where I know my identity in Christ; and I am growing in it daily.

In turn, I have found myself coming to the realization – through the studies, I engaged in to finish my degree for my Bachelor of Science in Religion and my own personal studies – that the scriptures are the truth. Through and through, they are the truth of God, His character, His ways, His thoughts. And the doctrinal statement that has most closely aligned with my embracement of His truth through the scriptures is through the Reformed Tradition of Christianity.

Embracing this doctrinal statement, combined with walking out my redemption in Christ through the recovery process God has brought me to utilize to stay accountable to my walk with Him, I have found that my life is able to be lived more sanely.

What I share on this blog will come from my study of scripture through a didactic process as I continue to test and examine my own ways (thoughts, ideas, opinions, feelings, etc) through the scriptures, and return to The Lord as Lamentations 3:40 reminds His followers to do. The topics of motherhood, parenting, raising boys, homeschooling, church, the Bible, our culture, feministic mindsets, marriage, and such will be touched on. I will also share my own story in how I relate to all these areas and beyond.

Some of what I will share won’t be popular – even among some church crowds.

Let me be clear, I am not after being popular. I’m after pointing perceptions that diverge from God’s word, back to God’s word (the revealing of His authority in all this world and existence).

I know all too well the temptations (personally) to go backward to the ways I used to live – in my own understanding. Triggers from my own experiences in life occur constantly, especially as a wife and parent. But I’ve come to understand my own feelings, thoughts, experiences, ideas, ideals, etc do not measure up – nor usurp – God’s truth.


I do have social media, but I’m not available for communication with the masses on there. If you locate me and request a connection, please know I won’t accept the request. I utilize my social media for the sake of connecting with those I personally know, people whom I am encouraged by, and things I enjoy. Also, I don’t have open comments here on the blog. I welcome emails that are discussion oriented for the sake of connection, not bullying and/or division.