Faith-Building: 9 Elements For Strengthening Your Faith Muscle (eBook) – 2014

fbebookcover(1)Faith is mysterious to many. It’s that common word that carries an uncommon understanding. Many think, according to their belief in God, they carry faith. Yet, as I’ve learned through the majority of my Christian life – originating from a Jewish upbringing – belief and faith aren’t interchangeable. They’re, in fact, distinct elements that complement one another – not identical to one another.

Through my journey of the last 10 years, I’ve learned how to develop my faith, and maintain it, using a systematic approach of intentional steps. Through this strengthening journey, I’ve transitioned from a faith-void life to one of consistent, faithful spiritual growth. Conceived through my personal struggle to live faithfully, this 9-week devotional focuses on strengthening the faith-muscle we all have, sequentially continuing to develop and maintain this strength with an ever growing, deepening relationship with God.

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