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Recovery of America


That’s the new word to examine everything by in our culture today.

The more I read any media sources, the more I discover how much we’re all being lured into the same temptation to identify ourselves by our politics. Identifying ourselves with anything outside of God renders us continually empty.

The word politics is a “science of government” and objectifies a person’s allegiances or opinions to something within the culture we’re immersed in. This, in turn, gives rise to the temptation to transform a person’s politics into their identity. And this is the societal climate we’re all enduring right now.

I don’t believe this country has a political crisis or even a governmental crisis like so many are crying out that we have. No.

I believe above all that this country has an identity crisis.

We are comprised of people whom, as a whole, have forgotten who we all are not just as a nation – but as individual parts of this nation.

Our country’s foundations, created by the forefather’s who drew up and signed the Consitution and Declaration of Independence, were founded on allowing the freedom for everyone who lives in this land to exercise their lives in a productive manner that would benefit not just themselves – but all who live here.

These men genuinely knew their identities individually as well as corporately, and they were strong in their convictions to break away from England’s monarchy rule as they established a free republic governed by the people for the people.

See that…governed by the people….for the people.

This nation wasn’t built upon selfishness and victim mentality but of selflessness and victory mentality.

These men had no issue working together with others who were different from them in perspective and opinions. Henceforth, the establishment of the United States of America took root; and since it has grown. However, I don’t believe it’s grown in the direction these men foresaw. In turn I believe this country is in dire need of recovery – deep recovery – to reinstate it’s healthy identity.

The word recovery means to return a state of health.

It’s a process which takes time digging into the past to see just where things went sideways to help reestablish health and life. This digging process isn’t easy, and it unearths pains that have been hidden for years – sometimes generations. However, as I recall from one of my favorite movies of all time, The Neverending Story,

“It has to hurt if it’s to heal.”

The pain I see, even in my neighborhood and city, isn’t that of healing…but of avoidance to heal.

Recovery is a specific process that is intentionally engaged so that the pain eventually comes the point of healthy management for the benefit of not just the ailing, but everyone else the ailing connects with. (e.g. By the people, for the people)

Yet, so many in our nation are hurting deeply that connection has somehow become a wishful thinking pastime.

It’s evident from the spontaneous protests erupting to the vibrant displays of perspectives that honestly no child should be exposed to. All this is revealing is deep pain that’s being avoided.

I used to think that what this country needs is more connection. Now, however, I believe that the Rx for our nation is more recovery of identity  – because this is where the healing begins. Becuase if we aren’t healthy ourselves first, how can we ever expect to connect with others in a healthy way – and in turn, have them healthily connect with us?

I constantly hear the cry for community and connection. I used to cry the very same declaration. To desire this without personal work first, and supporting others in their endeavors to get healthy themselves, true, healthy, transparent connection is but merely a wish upon a star.

Friends, we must know who each of us is before we can fully connect with anyone else. And for this to happen, it’s going to take a process of recovery. And we can’t do this recovery journey alone.

It’s going to take allowing ourselves to break and be broken with God and one another.

It’s going to take work for ourselves and supporting others.

It’s going to bring forth pains we’re terrified to face.

It’s going to make us vulnerable to each other.

It’s going to take quitting being a victim and stepping into victory.

It’s going to take learning who we each are, individually, as well as one another – transparently.

It’s going to take facing every fear you feel, and learning how to lean on God in the process, rather than any understanding we think we may have or feel we have.

All in all, it’s going to take buckets of guts, bravery, and courage.

Recovery isn’t for the faint of heart. 

Recovery is for the courageous. 

Recovery is for the people willing to fight for something worthwhile: life.

Recovery is for those who are willing to endure some pain – even intense pain deep within themselves and deal with the messy pain of others along the way – to live in a way that’s only been dreamed of.

Friends, recovery isn’t THE answer. No. I firmly believe only Jesus is THE answer.

However, recovery – particularly with Jesus – is a part of the solution to pain all humanity is afflicted with.

Recovery helps resolve the identity crisis all humans struggle with, helping them discover their identities in the only one who created all of life; and in turn, it helps reconcile the relationships that make up communities and countries until His Son returns.

I’m a firm believer in Jesus. And I’m a firm believer in the process of recovery with Him. And together, if each and every citizen of this nation were to engage this process with Him, I believe the identity crisis [we’re all experiencing in America] would be resolved.

Until then, I’ll let it start with me as I continue my journey of recovery.

Will you take the next steps and begin your journey?

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.”

1 Peter 1:3 (ESV)

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