**Keep in mind, this was written through the lens of a 16-year-old Jewish girl who had endured religious discrimination at the age of 11 through being verbally and physically assaulted for a year in middle school. I know what it feels like to be segregated, even by religion.**

Racism by Marni

Take a look,
a really good look at what this world is coming to.
Racism is becoming a big part of our lives.
We see it on TV.
In newspapers and magazines.
In schools.
And even in the workplace and in public.
Some ask,
What is racism?
Whoever thought of it?
How did it evolve?
These are all common and valid questions,
yet they are unexplainable.

The people who discriminate against one’s own color,
Or religion,
Are ignorant,
and thoughtless people.
They have no remorse for what they do.
They not only hurt verbally,
But they hurt physically and sometimes fatally.

And the sad thing is,
It’s spreading so rapidly.

Children should be able to go to school,
And think of it as a safe place.
Not as a place to be discriminated against,
Or sometimes beat up,
Just because of what they look like,
Or who they are.

No matter what color or religion you are,
We are all created equal in G-d’s image.
And some of us are destroying that image.

We’ve got to see deeper than deep.
Gang people aren’t all Blacks and Hispanics.
Rich people aren’t all Jews.
Those are all narrow-minded stereotypes.
Anyone could be in a gang,
Anyone could be rich.
Either it be a Black, Hispanic, or White person.
Or either it be a Catholic, Jewish or Protestant person.
We Are ALL Equal!