Who This Blog Is For

This blog is for: You. You, whoever is tired of living life in fear and doing the same insane things over and over again with your spouse, kids, family, and friends, expecting different results each time – and instead, deciding to seek to make a significant change in your life by making intentionally healthy choices. Yes, you have endured a lot in your life. Yes, you are struggling. There is no denying this. But there is hope. It doesn’t matter what has been done to you, or what you’ve done in response to what’s been done to you, for hope to be alive. Hope is alive right here, right now – for you.

  • You can be any of the following:
    • An addict (chemically dependent and/or sexual)
    • A Perfectionist
    • A Workaholic
    • Codependent (where you seek to control other people’s behavior to protect yourself)
    • Abused (sexually, domestically, narcissistically, emotionally mentally, physically, spiritually – or any of the mix)
    • Introverted
    • Extroverted
    • Etc.

* This blog is also for: Myself – as a means of processing my own life through recovery, a creative outlet and a personal reminder to always reflect back upon.

I look forward to connecting with you all – either through this blog, email, Facebook, or Instagram .